Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

by gmosx, at 11 May 2010

Ubuntu 10.04

Another six months, another version of Ubuntu. As always, there are some improvements, as always I hoped to see more. The first thing to grab your attention is the new theme. I am not impressed. To tell you the truth, I liked the old 9.10 theme and wallpapers. Quite incredibly the old theme is no longer available in 10.04, wtf? On the positive side this is the first useful dark theme. It still needs a lot of polish though.

Supposedly, Lynx is much faster, but I didn't notice a considerably shorter boot time. Thankfully, the problems with my PC's WiFi chipset seem to be fixed. The two column view in Nautilus is useful, Gnome journal is interesting and I found an effective auto-completion plugin in GEdit (at last). Moreover, Flash 10.1, as integrated in the latest version of Chrome, works flawlessly.

All in all, there is definite progress, but I am afraid Ubuntu will share the fate of OpenOffice: to be rendered irrelevant by the Web.

Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)

by gmosx, at 05 Nov 2008
For the last 4 years I am using Ubuntu as the main Operating System on all my laptops and desktop computers. It 's true that I faced my share of problems and annoyances, but generally I am happy with the evolution of this fine Linux distribution (and I dig the free CD's ;-))

Following a long standing ritual, some days ago, I backed up my home directory and installed a fresh copy of the new version, Ubuntu 8.10, aka Intrepid Ibex. After a quick customization session, here I am, up and running:

Ubuntu 8.10

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